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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 5

Hey so I'm not going to send a general email this week but I'll definitely always try to send one to the immediate fam. Mom you can send this to grandpa or whoever else misses my sweet spirit and ripped biceps and stuff so much that they have to hear from me each week.

This week the apostle Russel M. Nelson showed up at the CCM. He spoke to us about 9 things in the scriptures that we should know by heart for our missions. It was muy awesome. There are very few people here in the Chile MTC. I know pretty much everyone or at least their face-name. (I don't know where the slash is on this spanish keyboard. haha) Anyways, it was almost like sitting there with your family, hearing an apostle speak. We all got to shake his hand and stuff too. It was a great experience and it motivated me to learn more deeply the things that he mentioned.

I experienced my first earthquake! There are a lot here I guess. It was a nice little rush, I'd say.

This week I get to go to the temple, place a Book of Mormon on the streets, and go on splits! 

I realized I'm probably the only missionary here with every member of my family active in the true church, including aunts, uncles, grandparents, and first cousins. Thank you  for being amazing examples to me! This is the last time I'll send an email from the MTC! I'll be in the field next Tuesday!

Love you all

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