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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 3 in the MTC! (CCM)

This week has been awesome. I´m starting to be able to understand most of the things people are saying to me, I usually just don´t know how to respond. Sometimes it´s frusterating, like being trapped in a glass box or somthing. I´ve realized, though, that no matter what I just have to keep trying. The Latinos laugh at me a lot, but with the few words I can say and an impressive amount of charades, I can usually get my point across.

Good news! They have donuts here.

My companion- Hermana Clawson is one of the coolest people. She knows more spanish than anyone in our district. Even though it's probably hard for her to wait for me to scramble up something to say in spanish during our lessons, she is always SO patient. She helps me out in every way she can. The only thing I don't like about her is that she's so good looking the Chileans are always whistling at her and jazz. I wish I could tell you about how much I've learned from being her companion, but I don't want the keyboard to catch on fire. Haha.

Spiritual Moment:
I learn so much about the gospel every day here. My testimony just keeps growing. One experience that stuck out to me the most this week, though, was this; I was sitting in class trying to listen to my teacher. I don´t know why, but for some reason I was SO tired that day. I was even falling asleep while writing. When I look at my notebook from that day I can see some sentences that start off in normal writing and than quickly turn into a squiggly line that runs down the page, indicating when I fell asleep for a second. Haha. Anyways, my companion and I knelt down to pray for an investigator, and she said, "...please bless us with energy..." not even knowing how tired I was, Immediately after that prayer I felt alert and ready to continue studying.

Funny Story:
Sometimes it´s not only the language barrier that can cause confusion here. Peoples´accents do too. During a lesson, my teacher asked us, "What is a goal?" Our district leader answered, "It´s having a will." Our teacher looked way confused all of the sudden. Then he drew a little whale on the board with water coming out of its blowhole. He pointed to it and in his little voice said, "A will?" 

Have a great week, everyone! Love you all!

My District Hermanas

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 2

The feeling of this week was very similar to the one you get when you first sit down on a roller coaster cart. You wait in line for so long, knowing what you're getting yourself into, but as soon as you lock the little safety bar down you think, "'Holy cow. I'm doing this!" It's so awesome.

The people here are really funny. They just get really close to each other when they talk and drive and everything! That's going to take some getting used to... They also just accept pretty much anything at any time. For example, during sacrament meeting there was just this large bird walking around in the chapel. Haha. 

Hermano Ceballos- He will not be my teacher anymore because we switch every two weeks, but he taught me an important lesson. He said that the way you act and show love to your investigators is more important than what you say to them. He also was a true example of this. For example, when the hermanos were cold, he ran around the CCM finding blankets for every one of us. He does little things like that all the time! I know Spanish is important, but it is something that will come for sure. Showing love won't come if I'm not continually working on it.

Elder Almanzor- He's an elder in my district who joined the church two years ago. His family pretty much kicked him out because of it, but then his bishop took him in. Now he's on a mission! His stories strengthen my testimony.

You´ll never believe this, but the Trix cereal here is still shaped in fruits and flowers like it was when I was a kid! I may or may not have gotten a little bit too excited about that, but I remember being sad when they changed them to just plain little colored balls. Also, they eat their cereal here with yogurt instead of milk.

Spiritual Moment:
While teaching an investigator, I realized I was saying words I didn't know how to say. The gift of tongues is so real!

Funny Moment:
The teachers here are mostly local, so they're always saying funny things like, "It scared me out!" instead of "freaked me out." and "taking sun" instead of "sun-bathing." I was thinking about this and how funny it was. Then I realized... when I talk to them I sound something like, "Ä good yes." 
Haha! I'm workin' on it.

Alcántara Group
A little taste of the city

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

First P day!

"Al Cantara" An old Swiss Embassy where some of the missionaries live. 
Weekly Summary: My first week in the CCM (MTC) was better than I ever expected! I feel like a little kid again... and no, not because I wear glasses and velcro shoes. Haha. It's all just so new! live in an old Swiss embassy (al cantara)  that was bought by the church and take a little bus every morning for 12 hours of classes. The teachers here are awesome, so it goes by fast. One of my favorites is Hermano Ceballos. He's a really small Chilean with small eyes and the funniest accent ever. Also, I'm pretty sure one of my teachers is Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy. The CCM is right next to the temple. I get to do a session there in a couple hours! It's small, especially compared to all the buildings around us, but it is so beautiful.

Me and my companion, Hermana Clawson

My companion, Hermana Clawson is an amazing girl from California. She knows the most Spanish out of everyone in my district. Plus, she's spiritual, kind, patient, fun, smart, layed-back, and very beautiful. I lucked out!

Hermana Laguna is my roommate who helps me with Spanish every day. She talks to me all the time about everything, trying to help me out. She's from Lima, Peru, so I told her all about Meghan and showed her pictures. I'm pretty sure she has no idea what I'm saying because she usually just laughs at me when I talk, but I love her!

Mama Cecilia is our "mamita" at al cantara. She does all our laundry and cooks us breakfast and always asks what we've learned today. She's really loud and hilarious.

There is amazing fruit here and it's good all year round! The Kiwi is my favorite so far. 

Spiritual Moment:
It was at the end of the day as I was sitting in class. I started feeling more discouragement than I had felt so far on the mission, because learning a language is not easy. Soon, an hermano who is not one of my teachers walked into our classroom. I hadn't even seen him before. For some reason he came only to me and basically knelt down by my desk and told me not to be discouraged and it was all going to work out. It lifted me up so much! I felt the spirit. I know God is watching out for me.

Funny Moments:
While jogging this morning I stopped to take a picture of a building. After I turned my camera off and started running again I ran straight into a little pole. Haha... my companion didn't even see it, so that's good. 

Mom: Feel free to correct grammar before posting.. I already think in Spanglish. Jaja. See?

The Chilean Flag and the LDS Temple in Santiago
My new "sisters"

Me with my second cousin, John Schley, who is leaving the CCM soon for the Rancagua, Chile mission.

Me in Chile:
"Noodles, you came?"

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Departure Day!

Our neighborhood started a tradition of waiting in the street with a banner as missionaries leave.  It is so fun to cheer for them as they drive away.  Some of them (including Kylee) jump out of the car and take a few more photos, give last hugs, and run through the banner like a champion!

These hugs have to last 18 months!  We still tear up looking at them.
Maybe she won't miss us that much?

We met Sister Bartholomew in the St. George Airport.
We were so happy and relieved to find out she and Kylee would be
traveling together and serving in the same mission!
Our wonderful friend and neighbor, Natalee, happened to be on the same flight from St. George to Salt Lake!
This was such a blessing for worried parents because she stayed with the missionaries until they got to their next gate in the Salt Lake Airport.  They met 5 more sister missionaries there going to the same mission!  Natalee took pictures and sent them to the parents--making us all feel relieved that our girls were traveling with a group and all were smiling!

Hi Mom and Dad!

I made it to Santiago! It's beautiful here. 

My companion is Hermana Clawson from California and she might be the best-looking person I've ever seen. She's very nice.

I met some cool people on my plane rides. A hunter, a whine-taster, and a alsheimers disease scientist. Dad, I gave the Book of Mormon with your testimony in it to the scientist.

They said to tell you that they're not sure when my P-day is, but it'll be either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Love you!

-Hermana Martin