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Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

This week is the end of another change, but I will be continuing for at least six more weeks with Hermana Vergara! One of our roommates went home to Argentina, one went to a different sector, and two more are coming to live with us. One is from Peru and was in the MTC with me, and the other we don't know yet. 
We have been very blessed this week in finding people to teach, so I just wanted to thank every one of you for your prayers. As we were walking down the street on our way home about a week ago, my companion and I both had a feeling we should contact a lady that was sweeping the sidewalk. It turns out she is very interested in our teachings and recieved us happily, even invited us to her house for "once," which is like a tea time kinda deal they have here every night. When we went into her house, there were also four beautiful children, and they instantly turned off the music, settled down, came to the table, and asked us, "What are you going to teach us?" I have not seen anything else like it up until now! We had a good conversation, got to know her desires, and taught about prayer, then set a date for our next visit just a couple of days later. We had the next visit, teaching the Plan of Salvation, and everything was going great. The spirit was there. Unfortunately, the sister of the lady and her boyfriend drove up and came in, and the boyfriend thought he knew everything there is to know about God. He talked so loudly and nonstop and the spirit just left... oh man. It kills me to think about it. We set a date to come back again, but she called us the night before and told us that something happened and she has to leave town. Please pray for this family! They need the gospel and we need another chance to present it!
We were working with some less-actives who knew they needed to come back to church. They are a young couple and have a little girl who is barely learning to walk and talk. As we were conversing, the mom said something like, "We know it's true... oh look. Watch this..." She then opened up a book with an image of Christ. The little girl pointed and said, "Papa!" The mother then showed the little girl another picture of Christ, and the little girl had the same response. The mom then looked at us and said, "We don't know why she does this. She doesn't really use any other words. We haven't taught her anything."
Oh man. So many funny things happened this week. So I guess I'll narrow it down to two:
1. One night, It was really hot, so I got up to get a drink of water. Hermana Jones got up to go to the bathroom and didn't know I was is the kitchen. Then Hermana Valladares got up to stretch her back or something, I don't know. This was at like 2:00 in the morning. I got my drink and started heading back to my bed and saw Hermana Valladares standing there. We talked about how we couldn't sleep for a second and right at that moment, Hermana Jones came out of the bathroom and starts walking and sees two dark figures (Hermana Valladares and me) standing there by her bed. Hahah she screams and starts breathing so hard and then we all just cracked up laughing. 
2. We were walking down a street one day and a family that was visiting from Australia passed by. One of them saw me and yelled "Hey! Do you speak English!?" I said "Yes, do you?!" He said, "Yes! I'm from Australia and I'm also here on a Mormonship!" haha

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