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Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

This week I had to travel and get all my visa paper stuff worked out, so in those offices I met some really great people from all different parts of the world. We also found an awesome family! They were a reference from a sister from Mexico that served here, finsihed her mission, got in contact with one of the converts that she taught, ended up marrying him and moving right back to the ward where she served her mission. Needless to say, she has great references and is a huge help in our sector. I also had exchanges this week and the opportunity to go to the temple with a recent convert, Andrea. We had planned to go with five recent converts, but four of them cancelled, and only Andrea pulled through strong! Unfortunately we got to the temple and there were some problems with her names that we sent in and we couldn't do the ordinances for them yet, but we're going to get them figured out and hopefully try again soon. 

While waiting for some of my visa papers in El Registro Civil,  I saw a Tahitian guy with a shirt that said "McNeil Family" on it, which is the name of my mom's side of the family.  I asked him where he got his shirt and he was all offended that I talked to him at first. I explained it was my mom's last name and then walked over to a line to wait. A few minutes later I see him and his brother motioning me over. I really didn't want to go talk to him because he didn't seem too happy with me at first, but my companion and I walked over anyway. He said "Are you guys Christians?" We told him yes and it turns out he and his brother are very faithful and wanted to hear our message. We wrote down their names and addresses and stuff and after that he just randomly said, "And your family can have this shirt if they want..." haha I hope he didn't think I was accusing him of stealing a shirt that belongs to me...

We met a lady that looked pretty white and started asking us for help in really broken Spanish. I first thought she was American, so I started talking to her in English. Turns out she's from Russia and hardly speaks any Spanish.  We did learn a lot about each other in the one language we had in common, which neither of us spoke very well. She's a member! and she said we were angels sent to her because she was scared to be doing this alone.

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