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Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

Kylee didn't write an email for the blog this week.  It seems she wanted to talk even less than usual... Sadly, her Grandpa Martin passed away on Saturday, April 18.  We were able to call and talk to her for a few minutes that night.  It was good to hear her voice, but she was so emotional that she could hardly speak. She adores her grandpa, along with everyone who knows him.  We think she looks a lot like him.  She got his tan skin and strong calf muscles.  He will be missed and we cling to the knowledge that we will be together again!

Here is part of her email to family:
It was nice to hear your voice too. I had a feeling that Grandpa wasn´t going to make it to Mother´s Day here on earth. I have a testimony of the Plan and I know it is all true. I still feel really sad though. I´m glad the family is all okay. 
Hermana Karin Perez printed off that picture for me and gave it to me. She is so sweet. She also had us over for lunch yesterday and took us to this church tour thing that my companion and I had to do yesterday because we didn´t know where it was. She has a car so we didn´t have to get on the metro.

I had a cool experience this week while preparing some family history. I was filling out some information on Grandmother Jeffs, (Grandmother Martin´s mom). As I was reminded of some childhood memories of Grandma always telling me that Grandma Jeffs and I had the same birthday, and she actually passed away on our birthday, I felt someone in the room with me. It was one of the few minutes of the day that I have the option of being alone in a room- during personal time. It was so cool and undeniable that somebody was there. I´ve only had one other experience like that so strong having to doing with the spirit of Elijah before. It was in the temple with one of the names Grandmother Martin had prepared and asked me to complete the ordinances in the temple for her. Anyways, it was a really cool experience. If you could share this experience with the family I would love for them to hear it. Also make sure they know that I love them and how grateful I am for every single one. I´m grateful for everything Grandmother and Gramps have done to give us the knowledge of the gospel and opportunities we have as family and posterity. They are a very strong link in our family chain. 

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