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Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

Check out this little guy a little girl gave me
while I was on exchanges.  He's rawrsome!
This week was full of amazing revelation. First in Zone Conference, and then from our prophet and his apostles. Watching conference in this enviornment was AWESOME! I even got to watch it in English. It was weird hearing English without a hispanic accent for an extended period of time. I loved every talk! Also, shout out to St. George when Elder Holland told his story about Snow Canyon State Park. 

My companion and I mostly contacted this whole week. We've gotten some appointments, so pray for these people that they will be at their houses and their hearts will be open to this message! 

Spiritual Experience:
I've been working on recognizing the spirit, and have come to realize that promptings, warnings, and confirmations all have their own individual feeling for me. I've always thought of the spirit as just one specific feeling that covers all of the things He's in charge of, but the longer I've been here, the more I realize how personal and specific it really is.

A few weeks ago I told Hermana Vergara about my dog, Noodles, because we always see stray dogs that look just like him. One day this week,  it had been a day of lots of rejections and cancelled appointments we were a little discouraged. As we walked we were talking about the gathering of Israel and our part in the process. Hermana Vergara saw a little white dog and out of the blue said how it would be a lot easier if this was just "The Gathering of Noodles." haha

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