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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015

This week flew by! We were able to fit in a lot of lessons and find a couple of new awesome investigators! Monserrat has everything set and ready for her baptism this Sunday, but the baptismal date of Valentina fell through. It'll get back up there though with some more patience and testimony of the Plan of Salvation. On Wednesday we had exchanges and I stayed in my sector with Hermana Jones. I really enjoyed serving with her for a day and learned a ton from her! She's from Salt Lake and her family has been through some crazy things. She's one of the prettiest hermanas I've ever seen and yet so humble. We found two new investigators that day and ended up running into Stake President, Presidente Escobar. He accompanied us to two lessons and they were both powerful. On Saturday we went to do a tour of the temple gardens with Rosita. We taught about the Plan of Salvation on the temple grass and it was such an incredible experience. We all felt the Spirit so strong. Today we get to enter the temple with a recent convert because she's going to recieve her endowments. Such a great week!

Spiritual Experience:
In the temple tour with Rosita, we were able to enter through the doors and look only at the entryway. Right when she stepped through, Rosita just started crying. She said she felt chills all down her back and really light and relaxed. I recognized that to be the Spirit, even though I knew that she maybe didn't. It was just a testimony to me that this really is real and true. It's nothing created by man, and it's not our imagination. 

Last night we had a family night with and investigator named Franco and his family. His grandma and cousins are members and want him to have the gospel in his life. We finished a spiritual message and my companion asks him, "Franco, do you have sincere desires to know that these things are true?" The room when silent. We were all hoping to hear a "Yes." It was seriously like five seconds of pure silents with Franco sitting there, thinking all deeply and then his stomach does this huge growl. It was like "WHHAAUUU!" We all just busted up laughing so hard. haha

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