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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 6, 2015

What in the world! I can't believe another week has gone by! General Conference was incredible. I'm sure that's what all missionaries are saying, but it really is true that you can see everything with a whole different light here on the mission and I felt like it charged my energy for being here and doing what I do. We also had Zone Class this week, which I had to teach a part of. I truly love all of the missionaries in my zone, too. We learned about strengthening our weak parts and having a vision of baptism. Speaking of baptism, we were able to set another baptismal date with one of our investigators, Valentina, for the 25 of this month. She's the best and I know that the gospel will not only bless her own life, but the life of her family as well. Pray for her and Monserrat that things will all go well and they will not lose the spirit that they have felt!

Spiritual Experience: 
The whole week has really been a spiritual experience, but I'll share one of my favorite moments. In Zone Class, I asked an Elder that's still in his training to tell the zone how he feels and what he and his trainer have been doing to strengthen their companionship and area. I expected just a short little answer because he's just starting to learn the language and all, but like a champ, this young, new elder stood up and said he'd like to share an experience. He talked about how much of a challenge it's been. How he wants to be able to talk to everyone and share the gospel and not feel sick because he's not used to the water and food here and everything. He came home one night frusterated and just started to cry. It was taking him so long to explain all of this as he was translating and scrambling to find words but he bore his testimony that he knew all this would pass, and that weak thing really do become strong through Christ. It's hard to explain through writing but I think we all felt the spirit so strong as this elder spoke. A lot of us even started crying.

Funny Story:
Valentina has a four-year-old sister that is hilarious. She always likes to sing the hymns with us, but she can't read yet. She just sits next to me and when we start singing she starts singing really loudly just whatever words come out. It always makes us laugh, but we have to control it because if we stop singing, she stops singing too and waits for us to start again. So it ends up just this singing and holding-in-your-laughter type battle. haha It's so cute. 

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