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Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 12, 2016

What a week! We've had District meeting, a Zone Activity in a place called Pirque, Zone Conference, Exchanges in Vicente Valdez, Leadership Counsel, and then we just recieved word that both Hermana Parra and I will be getting transferred, as well as the two sisters that we live with. They're going to do what's called a "White Wash," which basically means all the current missionaries leave the area and new ones come in. They're going to put elders here! I've honestly loved serving here in Cordillera and have learned so much from both of my companions and all of the people.I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything and feel confident that the elders who come will be lead to know how to help the people here who are progressing in the gospel and find others who are prepared. Fortunately, I don't feel that there is anyone who will stop progressing just because Hermana Parra and I are leaving. I will miss Hermana Parra, though. She's the greatest. I know right now is that I'm going to one of the richer stakes of this mission and my companion will be Hermana Sanz. All I know about her is that my companion from the MTC was her trainer and that she's Chilean! I'll tell you more next week I guess!

A couple weeks ago we were traveling in the metro, which is the underground train they use here. People are always getting on and singing and playing their instruments and then asking for coins and stuff. Anyways, a couple ladies got on the metro and started singing a song and dancing and stuff and I turned to my companion and said, "Wow, they're so brave. Nothing in the whole world could ever make me sing on the metro." 

Well, last week our Zone Leader tells us all we have to be early to the metro and we were all going to travel to Zone Conference together and that we were going to sing hymns for the people on the way. Of course, a bunch of people got on and I got trapped in between a group of like five people away from the rest of the zone. I caught eyes with my companion and she was just laughing so hard because I was alone in the corner with a my little hymnbook singing quietly. Later she goes, "Nothing in the whole world, eh?

Spiritual Experience:
This actually happened as we were singing, too. I looked over and there was a guy with his wife-beater shirt, flat rimmed hat, and huge headphones. I thought he was listening to his rap music or something but then I looked closer. He was mouthing the words of the hymn that my zone was singing, "All is well, all is well..." He knew every word! I couldn't get to him because I was trapped by people but we made eye contact and I mouthed, "Are you a member?" It looked like he got a little emotional and he just smiled and nodded. 

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