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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Februrary 9, 2016

It´s been an eventful week! Unfortunately, Juan stood us up two times and we all feel that it will be best to give him space and stop working towards his goal of being baptized at the end of February. We weren't able to communicate at all with Maria Jesus, Nicolas, Maria Teresa, and Pablo. (The family that accepted a baptismal date last week.) We were feeling pretty down on Sunday. Amazingly, we had a zone meeting yesterday that really motivated us! We talked about contacting to teach, not just to get an appointment. We were able to go out and walk all afternoon yesterday with a new spirit and talk to all kinds of different people. This will be a good week for finding!

The other day, we found some lists of old investigators and less-active members and called all of them to see if we could pass by to visit. Later that afternoon, one of our investigators called us. His name was saved in the phone as something we didn't recognize. My companion, thinking it was one of the numbers we had called of people we don't know, answered the phone and started to introduce ourselves. "Hi! I'm Hermana Saez from the south of Chile and my companion is Hermana Martin from the United States! We're new here in Ñuñoa and wanted to know if we could pass by and share a message of Jesus Christ..." There was just this long silence, and then he says, "Wow Hermana...very good! I'm David!" He's never gonna let  us live that one down. haha!

Spiritual Experience:
The other day, we stopped to share a card with a girl that was sitting on a park bench. My companion introduced ourselves and everything and the girl just sat there and didn't say anything. Hermana Saez started to share her testimony of the Plan of Salvation. She started crying and said, "Sorry.. It's that my dad passed away just under a month ago." It hit me right then of how incredible it is that the Spirit really puts the words in our mouth and guides us to those in need of them. 

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