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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Februrary 23, 2015

It's been a crazy week! We had a family-home-evening with the Mamani-Leon family at the house of one of the members on Monday and it was awesome. We talked about the Restoration. The girls had lots of questions and we all felt the Spirit. Family, you'll be happy to know that afterward we played our favorite game. The one where you splash a lid of water on the person if they guess wrong. haha!

We were able to meet some new fun people and do exchanges on Wednesday. We knocked doors and did a lot of contacting, too. 

Yesterday we got word that Hermana Saez has transfers. We packed up last night and she left this morning to my old ward, Trinidad. I'll be staying here in Ñuñoa and my new companion will be a sister that's coming straight from the MTC! Right now I'm on exchanges with Hermana Pelliza, who will also be training. After we write, we're going to go to the mission office to meet our new companions! I'll tell you who it is next week!

Spiritual Experience:
We were in a lesson with a less-active member and an investigator the other day. They're two ladies that are good friends, and they both have a testimony that the church is true. We've taught them a couple of times, but thought about leaving them because they never go to church no matter how many times we invite them. We felt like we'd tried everything and they just didn't progress. We decided to share the talk "Faith is a Choice" (Not exactly sure what it is in English) from last year's General Conference. They both just sat there silently for a few minutes after listening to it. The first thing the lady said who's investigating was, "On Sunday, I'm going to church." It's wonderful how the Spirit really is the only thing that let's us know what we need to do.

Hermana Saez and I set an goal to go to the gym that's in our apartment building every morning to do exercises on the ellipticals and bikes. The other day, we rolled out of bed, went down the elevator and walked up to the desk where the lady keeps the keys to the gym. My companion I guess was still sleeping a little bit because in her head she asked for the keys to the gym, but in real life she just got really close to the lady that works at the front desk and held out her hand. I tried to cover for her and ask for the keys, but in the mornings my voice is scratchy and sometimes it doesn't come out. The poor lady was so scared! haha! Finally my companion realized that she never actually asked out loud for the keys and started laughing and explained the whole situation of why we came up to her in silence and just stared at her. haha

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