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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016

It's been a great week! Hermana Garcia and I set a goal not to return to the apartment until we've taught about the restored gospel to somebody. Even if we didn't have scheduled appointments we just knocked doors and talked to everyone in the street until somebody would give us a few more minutes to explain the restoration and why it was and is necessary. It's been awesome! We also had exchanges with the Hermanas Capacitadores and Stake Conference this past week so it's been pretty jam-packed. The temple president and his wife,  president and hermana morgan, and our stake president all spoke. 

Spiritual Moment:
As we were leaving the chapel after stake conference, we saw a man making his way up the isle to shake the speakers' hands. He caught our attention because he wasn't in sunday clothes and was wearing a bright orange beanie. I took a good look and it turned out to be a man that Hermana Garcia and I had contacted on the street and invited to the conference. I was so surprised because it's the first time in my whole mission that a street contact has gone to church after only being invited one time! He told us that he loved the meeting and felt something so special and wanted to go every week. I felt such guilt afterward because I realized that, at some point, after inviting so many people to church and not seeing them there I started doing it without faith. After some amount of months I started to invite "just because." It made me realize that that's just not how it is! I'm here to help people come unto Christ! I promised myself that I will never again invite anyone else to do anything in the mission without the faith that their life can be changed through Christ.

Funny Moment:
There's this couple in our ward that are ward missionaries. The hermana is Chileana and the hermano is from England. She speaks english and he doesn't understand much spanish. He's the best though because he's always just so happy and it doesn't seem to bother him when he can't understand. Anyways, he participated in the ward chior on Sunday. Hermana Garcia and I looked up at the stand and everyone was all singing passionately and Hermano Clark was just there sitting with a lost look on his face. Later he told me that he didn't know the hymn in spanish and he didn't even know how to fake singing in spanish either but at that point there was no escape. He was already up there. Haha There are some great members here. 

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