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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Departure Day!

Our neighborhood started a tradition of waiting in the street with a banner as missionaries leave.  It is so fun to cheer for them as they drive away.  Some of them (including Kylee) jump out of the car and take a few more photos, give last hugs, and run through the banner like a champion!

These hugs have to last 18 months!  We still tear up looking at them.
Maybe she won't miss us that much?

We met Sister Bartholomew in the St. George Airport.
We were so happy and relieved to find out she and Kylee would be
traveling together and serving in the same mission!
Our wonderful friend and neighbor, Natalee, happened to be on the same flight from St. George to Salt Lake!
This was such a blessing for worried parents because she stayed with the missionaries until they got to their next gate in the Salt Lake Airport.  They met 5 more sister missionaries there going to the same mission!  Natalee took pictures and sent them to the parents--making us all feel relieved that our girls were traveling with a group and all were smiling!

Hi Mom and Dad!

I made it to Santiago! It's beautiful here. 

My companion is Hermana Clawson from California and she might be the best-looking person I've ever seen. She's very nice.

I met some cool people on my plane rides. A hunter, a whine-taster, and a alsheimers disease scientist. Dad, I gave the Book of Mormon with your testimony in it to the scientist.

They said to tell you that they're not sure when my P-day is, but it'll be either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Love you!

-Hermana Martin

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