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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

First P day!

"Al Cantara" An old Swiss Embassy where some of the missionaries live. 
Weekly Summary: My first week in the CCM (MTC) was better than I ever expected! I feel like a little kid again... and no, not because I wear glasses and velcro shoes. Haha. It's all just so new! live in an old Swiss embassy (al cantara)  that was bought by the church and take a little bus every morning for 12 hours of classes. The teachers here are awesome, so it goes by fast. One of my favorites is Hermano Ceballos. He's a really small Chilean with small eyes and the funniest accent ever. Also, I'm pretty sure one of my teachers is Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy. The CCM is right next to the temple. I get to do a session there in a couple hours! It's small, especially compared to all the buildings around us, but it is so beautiful.

Me and my companion, Hermana Clawson

My companion, Hermana Clawson is an amazing girl from California. She knows the most Spanish out of everyone in my district. Plus, she's spiritual, kind, patient, fun, smart, layed-back, and very beautiful. I lucked out!

Hermana Laguna is my roommate who helps me with Spanish every day. She talks to me all the time about everything, trying to help me out. She's from Lima, Peru, so I told her all about Meghan and showed her pictures. I'm pretty sure she has no idea what I'm saying because she usually just laughs at me when I talk, but I love her!

Mama Cecilia is our "mamita" at al cantara. She does all our laundry and cooks us breakfast and always asks what we've learned today. She's really loud and hilarious.

There is amazing fruit here and it's good all year round! The Kiwi is my favorite so far. 

Spiritual Moment:
It was at the end of the day as I was sitting in class. I started feeling more discouragement than I had felt so far on the mission, because learning a language is not easy. Soon, an hermano who is not one of my teachers walked into our classroom. I hadn't even seen him before. For some reason he came only to me and basically knelt down by my desk and told me not to be discouraged and it was all going to work out. It lifted me up so much! I felt the spirit. I know God is watching out for me.

Funny Moments:
While jogging this morning I stopped to take a picture of a building. After I turned my camera off and started running again I ran straight into a little pole. Haha... my companion didn't even see it, so that's good. 

Mom: Feel free to correct grammar before posting.. I already think in Spanglish. Jaja. See?

The Chilean Flag and the LDS Temple in Santiago
My new "sisters"

Me with my second cousin, John Schley, who is leaving the CCM soon for the Rancagua, Chile mission.

Me in Chile:
"Noodles, you came?"


  1. How do we send a letter or message Ky? :)

    1. Pouch address:

      Sister Kylee Martin
      Chile MTC
      P.O. Box 30150
      Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

      Letters in envelopes:

      Sister Kylee Martin
      Pedro de Valdivia 1423
      Providencia Santiago Region Metropolitana
      (Santiago) Chile