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Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Hello my family!

How´s it going?

It´s been a really great week. We found some new investigators, had one baptism, did lots of contacting, and I learn a lot every day.

It´s a little hard because it´s my comp´s last change, so we have tons of meetings and thingies to do each morning so a lot of times I don´t get to study and I have to do a lot of intercambios. Doing intercambios with Hermana Bartholomew (Remember when we met her in the St. George Airport?) was so much fun though! She lives in a super richy area which is generally a little harder to contact in, but I was surprised at how patient and nice some of the people were there. Plus Hermana Bartholomew is so so funny and great to be around. It was nice to have someone with the same cultural background as me for a day.

I got to go on exchanges with Hermana Bartholomew from good old St. George, Utah! (Right) She was the first Hermana that I met at the airport. It was awesome to see how far we´ve come with the language and not being afraid to talk to people in the street, because we literally knew next to nothing when we met. We also share a love for Swig cookies which no one else here really understands, so of course we had to make a quick batch in our hour before bedtime. 
I´m excited to Skype you on Christmas. There will be fun things going on here, but I know that will be the best part of my day. After all, ITS TROOG FRIENDSG ANDG FAMILYG THATG MAKESG THISG THEG BESTG CHRISTMASG OFG ALLLLLLG! Right?
How are things? How'd Dad's PA test go? How's the folk dancing? How's Noods? I keep finiding him everywhere and I always say NOODLES and my companion just looks at me. I've tried explaining that noodles is my dog from home.
Have you seen the El es la Dadiva video? He is the gift in English I think.

Love you!
Here's a couple pics of some Noods

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