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Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014


The best news of late is that the investigator I mentioned that sprinted away when saw us walking in the street one Sunday was baptized yesterday! I can´t send new pictures today because I'm at a ciber shac that doesn´t have a camera plug-in technology, but they are soon to come. Anyways, she loves going to church now and the members love having her there. I have never seen her face light up the way it did after she stepped out of the font. It´s the best feeling ever! The ward also seems to be getting more excited about missionary work too, which makes things so bacan. (Chileano slang for "cool")

Baptism de Andrea 

Hermana Ana, recent convert

More news is that my companion, Hermana Zuniga, went home to Costa Rica this morning. It was actually really weird because when I was on exchanges, I found out from another sister that Hermana Zuniga was going home in a couple weeks. I'd been with her 24/7 for like a month... you´d think that would be something that would come up in conversation at some point. She was SO dedicated to the work, though. She didn´t even want to think about home and was determined to stay focused. When I asked her how long she´s been in the mission she would just say "Mas de un ano." and then change the subject. I learned so much from her and now I want to be as committed to the mission until the end as she was.

My new companion is Hermana Benitez from Buenas Aires, Argentina. She has 25 years and is a convert of two years. She's the only member in her family of 11 kids. I already love her. She´s a Sister Training Leader, just like Hermana Zuniga, and it´s her last change also. It´s pretty rare in this mission that I´ll already be on my 4th companion next change because most of this sisters only have 4 or 5 their whole time. 


Chileanos know how to party. They just eat and eat and eat to celebrate. Members invited us over for Christmas and they were relentless with how much they would put on my plate. Haha they get a kick out of the "don't say no to food" rule. On Christmas Eve, in one lunch, I ate a steak and a half, 2 potatoes, a drumstick, and 2 hotdogs. I've never been so proud of myself. haha
They start the party for Christmas on Christmas Eve, eat all day, open presents at midnight, and then party all night. Then they sleep all day on Christmas. The only people awake on Christmas were missionaries haha. That´s actually kinda their lifestyle all of the time though--late to bed late to rise. our bedtime is 11:30 in this mission. For New Years I believe they do the same thing. Hopefully I'll see some fireworks from level 18. I live in the tallest building in my area.


Last night I was teaching a lesson to the recent converts in my ward. It was on family history and temple work and I accidently said "Un cuerpo de carne y juevos" instead of "carne y huesos." That translates to "meat and eggs" instead of "flesh and bones." Haha

Spiritual Experience:

While contacting last week, a man named "Christian Favores" gave us his address and a specific time to come teach him on Monday. We arrived at the house, but a different man answered and came to the gate. He said he has know idea who this Christian guy was but he was baptised into the church years ago and had been praying to find a way to go back. He was moved to tears at us coming and came to the Christmas devotional the next day, and even brought us a Christmas gift. I feel the spirit so strongly when he speaks of his relationship with God.

Roommates on Christmas Morning.  Now it's me and Hermana Valladares next to me in the middle.  (She is awesome and helps me with Spanish a lot.) with our new companions. Love them all+ Plus now there is another white hermana in the area, the companion of Hermana Valladares.

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