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Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Today for p-day we went to a place called Pirque up in the mountains with my roommates and companion from the CCM and her companion. It was beauuuutiful up there. 


This week we cleared out our carpeta de area from the bottom to the top, searching for ancient investigators and finding who still lives in the adresses we had noted. We also cleaned out the apartment and got it all reorganized and spotless because there was tons of junk in there that old missionaries had left before they flew home. It feels great! The bad news is I just got a notice in the mail that says we have to move because we don't technically live in the boundaries of our sector. I'm still playing a lot of charades to get my point across, but the language is coming along slowly but surely! 


I learn more about my companion every day! She is a convert of about only two years. She is the oldest of 11 children and the only member in her family. She moved out of her house to study and work when she was 13 years old. Living alone! That's where the missionaries found her. She has lots of hope that her family will be converted to this gospel. She's one of the most genuine, loving, gentle people I've ever met, and a very hard worker!


One evening I ended up in the house of a less-active member who would not come out of his bedroom to speak to us. His wife insisted that we sit down and have once with her. (a late-evening meal of cake or bread and coffee or juice that everyone has here instead of dinner.) We did not want to just come in and eat without sharing a spiritual message, but the man would not come! Somehow I ended up sitting there at a table eating cake and shouting scriptures and my testimony toward his bedroom door while he grunted things like "si" and "bueno" so we knew he could hear us. haha

I'd recommend that everyone look up Jeffrey R. Holland's testimony of the Book of Mormon. I watched it in my studies and the Spirit was SO STRONG. 

Love you all!

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