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Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

helping some chileanos that broke down in the Andes.
towing their car from our mission car
us and Hermana Wright


Lake with the bluest water ive ever seen in todo mi vida
This week went by really fast. I had the experience of going on exchanges with an hermana who will be leaving the MTC in a few days. It feels like a couple of days ago that I was going on my first exchange in my last week in the MTC. We didn´t have many lessons this week. I´m coming to realize that everyone leaves Santiago in January to get out of the un-air-conditioned heat. The good news, though, is we found a man name Mauricio who is awesome! The bad news is he's leaving Santiago until the end of February. I´ll let you know how that goes a little later. 
Earlier in the week, we were contacting. I saw a man sitting on a park bench and felt we should go talk to him. It wasn´t until a few minutes into the conversation that I asked him his name, and it wasn´t until after that that I recognized his face as a man that I had met in some of my first days in the field. He´s a less-active member and has lost lots of weight from a sickness and I had only seen him past sundown before so I couldn´t see much of his face. But I remembered his name the whole time, trying to visit his house, but he was never there. We were able to get an appointment with him and talk with him yesterday. I know it´s his time to come back to church. It´s great to know that sometimes the Spirit can give little pushes like this to help out. 
Today my companion and I went up into the Andes with my companion from the MTC and her companion and our mission president and his wife. Our mission president said he would give 5mil (like 9 dollars) to anyone who catches a goat up there. Next thing I know I look over and my companion is hold a goat by his hind leg! Hahah. I was very impressed. Now she´s 500 pesos richer. 
chasing some cows.

Todos sitting by a little waterfall that looks like the rock that moses drank and his people drank from in the wilderness

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