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Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

I´m still loving the mission, but this week has been pretty rough! Some days we walked around in the heat of day contacting and knocking doors without finding a single person to listen to us. We did find one miracle man that told us he believes in God and wants to be Mormon! He told us he would come to church on Sunday if we swung by to get him, but the bad news is when we ran across the sector on Sunday morning, he wasn´t there. The good news is my companion is full of lots of spunk for this work and I know if we keep trying we will find. Doubt not, fear not. D&C 6:36

My companion is from Peru! She´s 20 years old and reminds me so much of Elena Castro and Meghan Beatty, two of my best friends from high school. I´ve been so impressed with her because I remember how badly my feet hurt and how hard it was to understand things in the beginning, (Well... it´s still hard to understand things) but I haven´t heard her complain! 

Spiritual Moment:
On Saturday, we knocked doors and contacted all day because all of our appointments cancelled on us. We didn´t have very much luck that day and were headed home at 10:00 a little discouraged. The very last lady we passed, after we said hello, said hello back and ask us if anyone had listened to us today. She told us she didn´t want anything to do with our church but wanted to hear our testimony. We talked with her about what we knew to be true, she thanked us for our faith, gave us each a peach, and then said goodbye. I don´t know what it will amount to for her, but I know for me she was an angel. It was a spiritual affirmation that God loves me. 

Yesterday during companionship study, I asked my companion to read and then I would try to read along and copy her voice to improve my accent. When I started talking she couldn´t hear herself, so she started talking louder. Then I couldn´t hear myself so I started talking louder. Then all the sudden we were talking really loud and really slow in a terrible Chilean accent and we both just busted up laughing and couldn´t stop. Hahah

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