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Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

This week an investigator that we´ve had for a reall long time but could never quite get himself to church because he feels obligated to his Evangelist church told us that he is done with his old church and wants to continue with this one! (The true one.) I´m so excited about that! We´re also working with a few people on their family history and that is something that is so special to me. We also found a new investigator and have some other contacts that will be coming home from their vacations very soon. I'll need to be spending a alot of time on my knees these upcoming weeks!
Oh! And there´s some good news. We didn´t end up having to move. I was still out of the house this week because my companion is a Sister Leader and she´s in charge of exchanges and we had a bunch of them to do before she finishes her mission on the 9th. I find out who my new companion is this weekend. So far I've struck gold with companions so I hope we can keep this streak going.

Yesterday was my companion´s 18th month-day in the mission field and I wanted to make it special, so I bought her a little treat and wrote her a card. She told me she didn´t like the treat and threw it away and after she read my card she just said something about how gringas always say the same things. Haha I felt so sad! Afterward we were at a baptism of an investigator of the other hermanas in our ward and they played this Mormon Message there. If you can, you should look it up! It´s this old man with shaky hands doing nice things for his wife who is paralyzed in a wheelchair. I cried so hard because I realized that I don´t need to do things for reaction or reward. Just do things for love. It´s like it says in 1 John 4:8. "For he who loveth not, knoweth not God. For God is love." Those words get me. God is love.

One thing I like about the people here is that they respond to "Hola" in various hilarious ways. For example: "¡Hola mi hijita linda hermosa ángel!" Haha I don´t know anybody in the U.S. that I´ve said hello to and they said back, "Hello my little tiny beautiful angel daughter!" 

This week we were talking to a man while he was watering his plants and my companion asked him what the name of the plant was. Somehow in my brain I skipped the part about the plant and just assumed it was the name of the man. As we were leaving I called him the name of his plant. Haha whoops!

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