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Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

We recently got word that I will be staying here in this ward with the same companion for another change! I´m especially grateful because we´ve recently found a few new people to teach and are seeing more excitement for the church in some of our less-active members. Oh man, I think every day we contact at least one person who was baptized but hasn´t been to church in years. This is a major re-activating mission. Anyway, we´ve got a lot of work to do. Last week, six less-actives promised us they would come to church. They even got their work off and set a time for us to pass by and walk with them and everything. We passed by each of their houses in the morning before church and every. single. one. had a different excuse of why they couldn´t go. I think I´ve heard every excuse in the book by now. haha. We´re not going to loose faith, though. 

The other day we were in the house of two less-active members. Their mom isn´t a member and has never wanted to participate and the only time I´ve really heard her talk is when she yells at her daughter to say we´re waiting at the door to go to church.  Anyway, this day she came out of her room and listened to the lesson. She started asking questions and acting really interested. Come to find out, her dad was a member of the church and she always felt something different when it came to his religion. She said she felt from her room when we came in that the house was "purified or something." Her name is Susana. Pray for her that she can get work off and come to church and realize that this is all true!

Our apartment is really small and the laundry room, kitchen, and beds are all in the same like 15-square-foot area. We sleep on bunk beds. The other day one of the hermanas that´s my roommate was getting off the top bunk after my other roommate had just made a salad and set the bowl on the floor.  The hermana getting off the bed slipped and fell straight onto the salad and broke the bowl. I looked over and she was just laying there in the middle of all this salt and lettuce and tomatoes laughing. 
The Sisters from the Trinidad Ward


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