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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 23, 2015

This week was a great one! We found two less-active members who are really receptive. One of them is an elderly lady named Ana Elbira and she is hilarious! We also had a ward activity and a family of five investigators finally came! Erika said she would be baptized, but she's still just waiting for her health situation to improve. I've felt the spirit in every lesson we've had with her so far. Our mission president and his wife, Presidente y Hermana Wright, leave this coming week. We had a special P-day today with them up north of my sector to say goodbye. It feels weird and sad that they're leaving.

Spiritual Experience:
So, in the first lesson with this less-active member, Ana Elbira, we left her a reading assignment in her scriptures. She told us she can't see very well or read, but she'll try. We passed by again a few days later and she was all excited. She said she opened her book to read it, and she saw! "Lo abrĂ­ para leerlo y vi. ¡VIIIII!" Haha, it was awesome. I think even more awesome than the fact that she saw clearly, is the excitement we saw in her to be returning to the path that she knows to be true. 

Funny Story:
So lately I've been greeted by a lot of people in the ward by, "La Fat!" or "fat" or "la hermana fat." I even walked up to an hermana that I didn't really even know and she pointed to me and she's like, "Oh SHE'S that fat!" At first I thought I was hearing wrong but then it just kept happening. I kept thinking, "I'm not that big...." haha! Finally, I asked one of the sisters why they say that and she explained to me that I look like some Turkish actress that's really popular in their novellas here and the hermanas in the ward had talked about it. Her name's Fatmagul. 

Javiera and her friend Leo. Javi is the one on the right and she and her grandma have a baptismal date. She's a cutie and very smart.
Baptism of Evelyn.
She's not from my sector, but I did have the chance to talk with her and participate in some activities and service projects with her. 

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