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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 15, 2015

It's official: I will be staying here in this sector of Trinidad for at least six more weeks with my sweet companion, Hermana Vergara! I'm always ready for a change but I'm really happy to be staying here for another round and work with these amazing people. It's getting pretty chilly down here!

Spiritual Experience:
On Saturday, we had a service experience of cleaning the chapel. We, the six missionaries, pulled up and there was hardly anyone there. Soon, Salvador Rhor, the father of a less-active member that we've been working with and the old stake patriarch, strolled in. He's 80-something years old, and he showed up alone, walking probably about 40 minutes to get there, and stayed about 6 hours to stack one-by-one, slowly but surely, all of the chairs. As I was across the room on my knees scrubbing I looked up to see him over there in the cultural hall, all alone,  dragging one chair to the stack, my eyes pretty much just filled up with tears. This man truly understands the law of consecration. 

The other night a less-active member was telling us all about how he smuggled these super-hot mexican chilly pepper seeds across the borders and planted them. He handed me one to check it out. A couple minutes later my eye had a little itch and I rubbed it. It was really bad timing too, because my companion was bearing her testimony all proufoundly and what not. IT BURNED SO BAD. I tried to endure it for a second but the left side of my face got all hot and swollen, so I just made a little sound like, "emmm ahhh..." and had to stand up and sprint to the bathroom and stick my whole head under the water spicket. haha! Now I can see clearer than ever! 
My companion and I with Salvador Rohr 
Talking about the war between nephites and lamanites with recent-convert javi, so we justified playing dart wars for a minute.
Mi zona 

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