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Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hermana Vergara and me

This week flew by. It included divisions, three new investigators, and two baptismal dates! We're excited that they finally set a goal to become members. It's a grandma and her granddaughter. We found her through one of the members in the ward who actually gave us a reference to the woman in the middle of them. (The daughter of the grandma and the mom of the granddaughter. It's a little hard to explain in writing.) Turns out she wasn't really interested but her daughter and mother were. Pray for the Rodriguez family! Changes are coming up this week, so I may or may not have the opportunity to keep working with them, but I'm excited for them either way!

Spiritual Experience:
At the start of a lesson with an investigator, she came right out and said, "I just want to tell you guys that I don't believe in the resurrection." I thought, "Oh man. This is going to be awkward." Somehow though, I just felt peace, though, and I knew we were supposed to talk about it because we had planned before-hand to teach about that that day. We started talking about it and reading into it a little more with her and her attitude just completely changes. She went from having one strong opinion to forming one on the exact opposite end. Her name is Hermana Erika and she's progressing really quickly! 

When we started teaching English classes in the church, we were presenting ourselves as missionaries and the two hermanas before me were from Peru. As a joke, when it got to be my turn I said my name and that I was also from Peru. Everyone laughed a little bit because I am obviously white. On Friday, I went on exchanges, and and we taught an investigator that was at the English class. His friend entered the room and said hello and asked us where we were from. When I said Utah, the investigator that was at the English class looked at me and said, "What! But you said you were from Peru..." Haha I guess I should have clarified that it was a joke!

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