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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 11, 2015

It's been a great week here in La Cordillera! It rained pretty much all week and whew! It is chillllayyyy. Some great news, though, is that President and Hermana Morgan gifted us all a "calienta cama" that you put under your sheets and it warms up your bed at night. I was able to do exchanges on Friday with Hermana Delgado from Peru and I loved serving with her for the day. The rest of the week I loved serving with Hermana Alcantara too. She's the best! Salvador's brother, Juan, came to church for his first time in a long time and it's been such a spiritual experience to work with him. He's humble and has the desire to come back to the iron rod, and that's all that's really necessary to invite the spirit to teach. Rosita, our investigator that has a baptismal date for the 30th is in bedrest for a bad leg that she has. Pray for her that she'll be able to recover and that her testimony will keep getting stronger!

I've never seen them in the states, but here they have these metal stove-pot things that the lid locks in like a giant medicine-jar cap. Anyways, we went to lunch with a recent-convert. She made it all in this pot, but somehow the lid locked in really tight. When we walked in she had all her tool kit and hammers out all over the place. haha!  We couldn't get it off! Haha we ended up having to make spaghetti in another pot and eat that instead.

Spiritual Experience:
On exchages, I met a lady that told us she has a really firm testimony of prayer. Recently in a meeting, President Morgan taught us that when we hear whispers from the spirit, instead of just immediately acting we should ask, "is there anything more?" The spirit testified to me that her testimony was true, and then later, I felt that I should ask her if she would share an experience with prayer. She then told us of an experience she had as a younger girl. Basically some hoodlums were heading towards her to jump her and she prayed to not be hurt. She then told us that they jumped out of their car right next to her as she was running and she heard them saying, "Where'd she go?!" and "You idiot! You lost her!" and stuff. She was made invisible to them for a moment. The spirit was so strong when she shared. 

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