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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 25, 2015

This week has just flown by. We were able to finish the teaching the basic lessons with Rosita and now have her baptism set and scheduled for this coming Sunday. We were happy to see a couple of less-active members show enthusiasm for coming back to church and also see them in the meetings on Sunday for their first time in a long time! We also had the privilege this week of having a meeting to hear Elder Gonzalez, our Area President, speak to us. We learned about the Sabbath day and how vital it is that we teach it very clearly to the people we are teaching.

We also got news the other day that one of our roommates is going home for health reasons. Starting tonight, I'll be in a trio! I{m sad to see Hermana Randall go, but I know it'll be better for her. Also, I'm so excited to be in a trio because my new compnaion is an hermana that I lived with when I first came out into the mission field and I've always looked up to her. Hermana Valladares from Honduras. She was always there for me to give me advice and always listened to my questions and comments even though my Spanish was horrible. After she left my first area I even wrote my dad to tell him how sad I was to see her go and have even prayed for the opportunity to be her companion. 

Today I went to the temple with Hermana Alcantara and it was a beautiful experience after a crazy week. My testimony grew a little more!

Spiritual Experience:
This week, Rosita told us about a dream she had: She was in the church and a door opened up to a glowing passage/staircase type thing. All of the hermanos got up and started entering and dissapearing into the beautiful glow. She looked and my companion and my companion said "Let's go, Rosita!" and Rosita said, "No... not yet." (which is exactly what she said to us when we first invited her to baptism.) My companion didn{t obligate her, just invited her, and then she herself went through the doorway and disappeared. 

Rosita woke up and said the dream just stayed glued in her mind. She then realized that "Not yet" was not the best answer and she now wanted to make this covenant as soon as possible. It wasn't until then that she accepted a baptismal date for the 30th.

Some days we run from house to house and at every house they give us something to eat. This one day, we had eaten SO much that I just couldn't anymore, so I started to sneak the bread and stuff into my pockets. The bad news is I forgot to zip up my pockets, and later, when I was in a different house, I took off my coat and all this bread fell out onto their couch. Luckily, the hermano just busted up laughing and said I've been caught. haha

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