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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015

It's been a great week. We had Zone Conference. I felt the Spirit so strongly. We've been really focusing on the importance of the temple here in the Chile Santiago East Mission. During the conference, President Morgan was explaining some things to us as a zone and it made me think of an experience I had with Grandpa Martin when I received my endowments. The answer to some questions I've been having were made so clear to me. I felt like my whole perspective of life and death and the Plan of Salvation just came out of a tunnel into the light.

After Zone conference, we went straight into exchanges. I thought I'd stay in my sector to give me some motivation to learn the streets. It worked! Haha The good news is we made it to all of our appointments with getting completely lost. Hermana Rodriguez from Guatemala is awesome and it was great to serve with her for a day. 

The rest of the week we found lots of new less-active members to teach. The sad news is our investigator, Rosita, went completely missing-in-action and her baptism is supposed to be in two weeks. Pray for us!

It's always beautiful to me to hear what some of the people have to say in their prayers. Sometimes they'll tell things to God that they don't tell us during the lessons. The other day a man we found said the last prayer and said, "thank you for sending me the hermanas right as I had been thinking I need some help coming back to church."

This one is pretty embarrassing. Here in Chile everyone says "hello" and "goodbye" with a kiss on the cheek. As missionaries, we can do it to women but only shake mens' hands. We went to an investigator's house with the relief society president and as we were leaving out of this skinny little door he got confused and accidentally kissed my cheek instead of the relief society president's. Then I was like "Woah!" and flipped around all fast and ran straight into this electrical box thing on the wall with my head (everything is so short here) and then the investigator was all, "Oh! Sorry! OH! Are you okay?!" And then I was just so embarrassed that I just said "Esta bien!" and fled the scene very quickly... oh man. haha.

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