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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 29, 2015

It's been a great week! On Wednesday I was able to go to Pirque for exchanges. I absolutely love going to that sector because it's up in the mountains and all green with fresh air. Getting out of the city gives me a breather sometimes. The houses are all spaced out and they're just really humble, great people that I met up there. I met a young mom of 18 years that is investigating the church and she was very receptive and ready to receive the gospel in her life, a less-active that really wants to go back to church but she's addicted to cigarettes, and a few other less-active members. On Saturday it was my companion's birthday and I think we ate cake or Peruvian food at every single house we went to and were running late to get home. We ended up both throwing up that night and feeling way sick the next day. Church, though, was excellent and we were happy to see many investigators, less-active members, and recent converts all together in church, right where they should be on a Sunday morning.
Spiritual Experience:
On Sunday morning, we passed by to walk with Monserrat to church. Her grandma and brother were getting ready to leave the house and said they could drop us off at the chapel. We had planned on walking but accepted the ride and ended up getting to church like a half an hour early. At first I was all stressed out thinking we should go out and use this time to contact that I forget to just look up and look around. One by one people starting walking through the chapel door until there were about seven or eight of us standing in a circle talking. I looked around and realized that every single one of them were a recent convert, an investigator, or someone that didn't attend church when we came to the ward. Hermana Alcantara and I have been blessed enough to serve all of them and just thinking about where they were when I first met them and where they are now, first ones to church on Sunday morning, smiling and ready to hear the word of God, was such a great moment. 

A brother of one of our investigators came out of his kitchen and gave me this mayonaise because it's American Style and I'm American. haha.
zone pday

we did a flower relay race and other typical Chile games

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