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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 10, 2015

It's been a great week! It was the first week in a long time that we haven't had lots of meetings or anything, just lots of appointments! Except for on Thursday, we had a "scrapbook party" with the area books. The zone got together and shared ideas of organization and we pretty much started from zero in organizing the folders and progress sheets to how they should be. It was good for us because now I feel a lot more organized!

Franco finally accepted a baptismal date! It's planned for November 28th. Pray for him that he can keep feeling the spirit. 

On Wednesday I did exchanges in Lo Canas and met some great new people. In our own sector, too, we were able to find some new investigators and less-active members, so we'll see how it all turns out!

Spiritual Experience:
The other night I was kneeling by my bed praying, and I did a little "zoom out" on the Plan of Salvation. It's kind of hard to explain, but I was thinking about how I lived before, and how I'll live after, and all of that stuff that we teach every day and I realized how short this time is on earth. And on the mission even shorter. My heart started beating really fast and the thought came to my mind, "Rise to the occasion." 

The other night during daily planning, I had a series of unfortunate events. I stood up to get the area book off of the shelf and tripped over my feet and did a head-dive into the door. Luckily I caught myself so it didn't turn out too terrible, but we were laughing so hard. Then I finally stopped laughing and sat down to focus and the district leaders called. The phone was so loud that it scared both of us and I almost fell off of my chair again! 

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