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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1, 2016

My new companion is Hermana Garcia from Guatemala! I took a picture, but this internet hut doesn't have a cable thing to connect the camera. There's only one other missionary in this mission from Guatemala, so I always tell her she's a delicacy. haha. She's 20 years old and just the greatest. She's also the second oldest of four children of all the same ages, with the difference that the youngest is a boy.  Honestly, the new missionaries are coming into the field way more prepared than I was. On Wedesday, we had a satalite-trasmititted meeting with Elder Bednar. It was so inspiring! He said so many things that I really needed to hear. The kids in Chile started school this last week, so everyone was running around really busy. We weren't able to see the familia Mamani-Leon, but we did lots of street contacting! 

Spiritual Experience:
In our meeting with Elder Bednar, they talked about talking about the Atonement of Jesús Christ and how it applies to literally every problem. Later, in a lesson, we came to a point where neither of us knew what to say. The words from the meeting came to my mind, so I pulled out a pamphlet about the Atonement and we just started explaining a Little bit about it to the Hermana. Her whole attitude changed and she finally felt something different. I think all of our testimonies were strengthened that day. 

The other day we were eating lunch with some members. The littlest son just stood up and left the table and the dad says, "Brace yourselves. He's incredibly tired." All the sudden we hear his voice, "SOMETHING IS HAPPENING TO ME!!!!!" and we look over and he's got his hulk outfit on and he's jumping from couch to couch knocking over all the furniture. The hermano was all, "Seriously... he always acts like this when he's tired."
Here is a picture with Hermana Martin, Hermana Bartholomew, Hermana Christensen, and Hermana Reynolds who all started their mission together on Oct. 8th 2014.  They go home on March 28th. Kylee will return 5 weeks later in May. 

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