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Friday, July 3, 2015

June 30, 2015

We got a great surprise at church on Sunday. They split Trinidad Ward into two wards because it's growing so much! I'll be staying here, the sector will just be changed a little bit. Two companionships will stay in my ward and the other companionship will go to the south ward. We will be able to continue working with our investigators that are progressing even if they're outside of the new-cut sectors. So, we'll be able to keep teaching Javiera and her grandma, Erika, and the Contreras family until their baptisms hopefully! Erika finally accepted a baptismal date and we're grateful to be able to be working with her goal of July 19th. 

The COPA AMERICA has been going on, and I don't know if you'd believe how into it they are! During the games everyone barbeques and watches the games with family and friends, and there is literally almost NO ONE on the street. (Except for us missionaries.) From the sound of our 1,000 neighbors though, Chile won last night. Chi-chi-chi! le-le-le! Vive Chile! OLE! 

Tomorrow President and Hermana Wright leave and President Morgan and Hermana Morgan and their daughter come. On Thursday we have a meeting to meet them. 

Spiritual Experience:
As a companionship, we've been working on leaving stronger commitments. We decided to put all our faith into what they tell us: if we showed our love, we could not leave a commitment too firmly. On Monday, we were in the house of a less-active man that we've been teaching since I got here. He said he was pretty far away from returning when I first got here and he wouldn't commit to any of our invitations. After a little time, he started following through with little commitments, but then we hit another dead end. We decided we needed to state it clearly and strongly that he needs to come to church and set a goal to renew his covenants. We'd said it before, but never so directly and firmly. If he didn't follow through this time, we knew we'd have to stop teaching him, because he wasn't progressing. We did it as clear, firm, and strong as two young girls could and afterward told him that we bear testimony of this because we love him and because God loves him.
He came to church for his first time in years on Sunday.

Funny Story:
We knocked on the door of a less-active member's house that we had a register of one day. She ended up being a really funny older lady and let us in. She was really receptive and we've got a goal for her to go back and work towards taking the sacrament. Yesterday we went to our third appointment with her and her daughter answered the door and let us in. We sat and talked with her while we waited for her mom to come out of her room. When her mom came out, the daughter asked her, "Mom, did you know they split the ward last week?" She responds, "OH NO!!! I can't believe it. I hope they didn't split me from my friends!" The daughter shakes her head and laughs and tells her she doesn't have any friends that are still in the ward. Her mom got all offended and starts racking her brain to think of people she knows from when she went to church. She'd say a name and the daughter would reply, "They moved years ago." She'd try again and the daughter replies, "They went inactive three years ago." And every time the elderly lady would say "Ah shoota.." until we were all just cracking up laughing. 

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