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Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

The good news is it finally rained this week after walking through smoggy air for quite some time! The bad news is it was really hard to find anyone to teach outside or to let us into their house. We did knock a lot of doors though and set quite a few appointments for this week. Pray that they're there when we pass by again! 

Spiritual Moment:
During a lesson, my companion asked our investigator how it was going with the Book of Mormon. I was a little worried about her answer because she's a woman who has read many, many books. I guess I was just worried she didn't understand the difference between this book and other books and that she was going to say, "Oh it's good. I like it." or something like that. As I listened to her answer I realized how little faith I had in that moment. She said, "It's amazing. It's a feeling that you don't feel just by reading anything." She then read us out-loud a verse or two she recently came across and said it went straight to her heart. She knows it is the word of God because of the Holy Ghost. Not for what we've said in lessons or for the words on the pages. The Spirit is truly what testifies of truth!

People here always get in debates about how to prounounce my name, because people from Utah don't prounounce the T and other north-americans do. I have a Peruvian roommate who got so frustrated one time when we were explaining how to say it without the T that now she just calls me Hermana and then does two grunts. haha. Every now and again I'll just hear from across the room "Hermana Mahuh! Una consulta..." haha

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