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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 20, 2015

It's been a pretty weird week. Most of our citas were first-timers and the rest of the time was contacting and knocking doors. Something we learned this week is that God has many kinds of children with many different personalities. Haha It's always great meeting lots of people. The good news is, two of them have sincere interest and want to learn more. We also had a meeting with our new president and learned that we will now be able to go to the temple once every three months! I'm so excited! Before we could go once a year. Our prep day has also been changed to Tuesdays.

We contacted a lady right outside of what I thought was her house. I asked her if we could come in for a minute to share a short message. She said yes and led us to a little room-shack she lived in behind the house she was entering. When we got in there it was pretty weird because she just started talking and talking and wouldn't stop sharing all these theories and stuff. My companion finally got a word in and asked her if we could start with a prayer. After I said "Amen." I looked up and her eyes were filled with tears. She said she was touched. It was just a testimony to me that sometimes we need to relax all of our worries, personal speculations, and fears and just talk to who is really in charge. 

Last night we were in a lesson with some less-active members. After reading Mosiah 4 as a family, one of the boys noticed that there was some bubble-wrap sitting in the middle of all of us. He suggested that for the activity we all just pop the bubble-wrap together. So we did! Haha then we all were just cracking up laughing at how easily entertained we are. 

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