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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28, 2015

It was a good week finding some new investigators and less-active members! We were happy to see three brothers that we are teaching in church this week for their first time in a long time (the ones we popped the bubble wrap with), as well as two other less-active members for their third time this month!

I got a call last night that I will be changing sectors. I was really surprised because changes are tomorrow and they didn’t call until 12:00 at night. I was pretty sure the newsgivers had already gone to bed. I’ve been here in Trinidad for my whole mission so far. I will miss these people and I will miss Hermana Vergara, but I know that the sector is in good hands. I don’t know where I’m going or who my companion will be. All I know is I have to pack my bags and be at the chapel tomorrow morning and there they’ll tell me where I’m going and who I’m going with.

Spiritual Experience:
Yesterday we were passing by a house of a less-active woman that we visit. We yelled at the gate and instead of the lady answering, her husband answered. He seemed a little scary... but both Hermana Vergara and I felt like we should see if we could learn more about him. He finally said we could come in, where he and his daughter were. He was really reserved and closed-off at first, but then all of the sudden he spilled out an experience he recently had while he was getting surgery on his head.  He’s also even baptized! His desires, personality, and heart are completely different than what I originally percieved as my first impression. I learned from him that you really just can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I don’t know men the way God does, so we really do just need to follow the spirit.

I was on exchanges with Hermana Stokes from Tremonton, Utah. We had planned to do an hour of contacting. Up ahead I saw two joggers coming toward us pretty quickly. I told her that at times like this I get urges just to flip around and start jogging with people and talk about the gospel. Next thing I know the two guys pass us and Hermana Stokes does a quick U-turn and I hear, “Can we share a card with you?!” and then all of the sudden I was sprinting behind them too because I had to be able to see and hear my companion... oh man. Haha I did not expect her to do that.  I was laughing so hard thinking, man! I’ve finally found a missionary that’s more impulsive than I am. Haha She’s great.

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