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Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

It's been quite a week with the Copa America going on! We actually weren't even allowed to be out on the streets on Saturday for the big game because it was a little too crazy out there. But hey, we won! Viva Chile! Haha. I was so happy because after they won, they shot off fireworks in the night and I could see them all over from our apartment window so high-up. I got to taste a little 4th of July. We also met our new mission president, his wife, and his 15-year-old daughter. They're  great people and great leaders. The saddest part of the week is that, with the new division of the ward, we also had to split our sector and leave behind to other missionaries about half of the people we were teaching. We'll still be able to see them in the chapel on Sundays, but I still just felt so heartbroken to not be able to teach them and see their progression. 

Spiritual Experience:
The other day we passed by the house of a member just to use her bathroom. As we were leaving, she starts telling us all about this spiritual experience she had getting off of the metro one day quite a while back. She talked with this guy and they got onto the subject of their beliefs. They were both going through a really hard time and both started crying. She said she just felt the spirit so strongly while talking to him. She didn't remember much about him, only his first name and that he worked and lived somewhere by the street called Rojas Magallanes. She said, "I don't even know why I'm telling you guys this, I've told the companionships before you guys and no one ever found him. I don't even know his address or full name." Well, as she was giving us these little details, we put it all together. He is Erika's husband, our investigator who just accepted a baptismal date. The hard time he was passing through was when he found out she had cancer. We'd never met him before because he's always at work, but after talking to the member we decided to pass by where he worked. He just instantly started thanking us and God for visiting his wife and we are hoping to find a time to teach both of them together soon. 

The other day, Hermana Vergara and I had to go to Central Santiago to do some of her paperwork. We left really early in the morning, trying not to waste time. As the sun came up, Hermana Vergara points to my nametag and says, "Hello Hermana Vergara." I had accidently grabbed one of hers off the table instead of mine and we were both walking around as "Hermana Vergara." haha

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