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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1, 2015

I think this past week may have been the busiest one I've had so far in the mission! That's how I like it! It's been awesome working as a trio. I'm actually kind of sad it's only a temporal thing. It's been great getting to know everyone in the ward, not just the half that live in my sector. 

I did exchanges with Hermana Griffin this week. She's from Texas but she went to school at BYU and played soccer there. Her sector is in the mountains and I loved spending the day there. We even had an appointment up in the mountains with a family that has an ostrich farm. I was nervous when she told me that because ostriches are so scary, but the appointment fell through, so I never did quite get to meet them.

Rosita was baptized on Sunday and it was a great experience. She will be a strong member and she's already progressing and working towards making her next covenants. The testimony she bore after the ordinance might have been the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

I was also overwhelmed with all the love and kind words I received on my birthday. Both from the people here in Chile and from my loved ones at home. Thank you for being such special people! I sincerely love you all. 

Spiritual Experience:
We've been visiting a family of less-actives and investigators. Finally, after years, the mom came to sacrament meeting this past Sunday. In the next visit she was so enthusiastic in ways I haven't seen before and said she felt the heavy backpack lift off of her when she entered the chapel. It was another testimony to me that we really do need to be nourished by the word of God every week.

It had been a very long day and we had just finished our last appointment of the night with an hermana before going back to the house. I'm not sure if this was so funny to me because I was so tired or what but I laughed so hard. Anyways, her two young boys ran through the door and said they wanted to show us something before we left. One was so cute and chubby and the other really scrawny and tiny. So they turn on some music and the chubby one starts doing these choreographed moves all perfectly while the skinny one just starts jumping around everywhere. He eventually starts doing these very impressive roundhouse kicks all over the place and I'm positive he had no idea which way he was facing and kicks the chubby one a bunch of times, but it didn't even phase him. He just kept on dancing all perfectly. Both of them just totally in their own zone. hahah oh man, it was a good laugh. 

familia lleiva that took us to the snow

My Zone

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