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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8, 2015

Our two weeks of Trio has come to an end and it turns out that all of the hermanas I live with are leaving except for Hermana Alcantara and I. There were six and now there are two! It's been so great working in both sectors of the ward and getting to know investigators, less-active members, recent converts, and even active members that I didn't really know before. I really do admire so much both of my companions. Hermana Valladares from Honduras and Hermana Alcantara from Peru. They're both so humble, obedient, and hard-working that it hasn't been a problem getting along. Plus they're both fun! I've learned from them that even in a group of very different people, with the same goal, anyone can become great friends.  We've pretty much been running from appointment to appointment, so it might be a little sting this week going back to working only in half again. Especially because we haven't found many new people to teach in the past couple weeks. I'm excited for a new change!
Spiritual Experience:
It never ceases to amaze me that every time we have a meeting, someone always says exactly what I need to hear. This past week we talked about self-sufficiency, and it's something I really want to implement in the work and help people understand it.
We visit an hermano that was less-active when we met him. His mom is 87 years old and she always listens to the lessons, but I'm not really sure if she can hear or not. Every once in a while, though, she'll make a comment and it's always, "Asi es la vida po." Like, "Well... that's life." We'd finish reading about something in the scriptures or bear a testimony and she'd just nod and say, "Asi es la vida po." Haha we were laughing about it as we left and ever since then, whenever one of us would say something dumb as we were walking we'd say it in her voice. haha

We helped la familia cofre paint their house. This little girl is probably one of the most hilarious people I´ve ever met

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