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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015

Summary:Hermana Valladares left and to our surprise they added a companionship of Elders to the ward. They still live in the same apartment, they just switched sectors and actually didn´t even let the poor Elders know. In the meeting with all the mission that very same day President Morgan told them they´ll be doing a "white wash" in the open sector in the Cordillera ward. They´re both good Elders though, I´m sure they´ll work hard. After that meeting we had to have another meeting with the Bishop to refine the sector limits in the ward. Unfortunately, a couple of our great investigators are now on the Elders' side. Whichever way you cut it, though, that´s how it will be. 

On Thursday and Friday we had to be in the house early because September 11 is the anniversary of an uprising that happened here in Chile so people go out in the streets and burn stuff and do crazy things. Nothing too crazy happened in my sector though and all the missionaries are safe.
This coming Friday is 18 de Septiembre, Las Fiestas Patrias! Chile celebrates their independence, and everyone is already partying and decorating and eating empenadas and dancing the "Cueca." On Thursday we´ll have our ward party and there should be some new investigators and less-active members there. It´ll be a fun week!
There's a family we teach that the hermano is a less-active member and his wife is investigating the church. The missionaries have been visiting them for quite a while. They´re such a cute family but the husband is sometimes demanding and tries to always test our knowledge of the scriptures and stuff and always whines about how we come in and take off really fast and don´t spend enough time at their house. I wanted to stop teaching them because I felt like there are lots of people waiting to hear the gospel and we are wasting time being in their house every week while they´re not progressing, but the bishop asked us not to leave them because in his eyes they are slowly progressing. The bishop does have the keys, and I am here to serve him. So, I´ve been praying a lot for this family and to be able to touch them in some way as well as be obedient. We went to our appointment last week and it was so awesome! It was like a total change of countenance. Also, they had their niece over and she told us at first she didn´t want to listen. Then the hermano invited her again and she said something like, "fine but it´s only because I don´t have anywhere to sit and I´m already here on the couch." Then she started listening. Then she wanted to participate. All of her first comments she´d make sure to add, "I don´t want to be Mormon or anything... but yeah I think that´s true." haha. By the end she was asking questions and even asked for a Book of Mormon and said she was really interested. When we left the lesson, the hermano said for the first time, "Thanks for coming. I´ve learned something new today."

There´s a less-active family from Peru that we teach and they have one of the cutest little girls I´ve ever seen. She asked me my name and I said, "Hermana Martin." Then she pointed to my companion and asked her. She said, "Hermana Alcantara." Then I asked her what her name was, expecting her to say Yeseline, but very quickly she said, "Hermana de Arianna." haha Arianna is her older sister. 

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