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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 8, 2016

It's been a weird but good week! It really is a blast working with Hermana Garcia. I can't believe she's in her first transfer. I wish I would've come to the mission field as prepared as she was! Everyone's starting school and college here in Santiago, so a lot of the lessons were cancelled. It gave us some good time to find new people to teach! We also did exchanges on Wednesday with our Hermana Capacitadores! I learned a lot from Hermana Reynolds. Spending the day with her made me realize that we've both changed a lot since we met each other in the airport almost a year and a half ago. On Sunday, Sion and Gsunming (two of the Mamani-Leon girls) went to church. They are still progressing but we're going to have to visit them less frequently now that they're in school and the university. 

Spiritual Experience:
Yesterday, we ran into a lady that's a Jehova's Witness we contacted about a week ago. She was walking into her house and we stopped her and asked if we could share something with her. She said yes! We were able to explain a little of the restoration of the gospel and set a new day to come back. Right after that, we ran into a Catholic lady that we contacted I think on the same day that we contacted the Jehova's Witness. She also let us into her house to share a message. Then right after that, we went to look for an address of a reference. The reference didn't live there, but we asked the guy that answered the door if we could come in and share a message with him. He said yes! He said he's Atheist, but was very, very nice and receptive. Anyways, in the nighttime last night I was laying in bed thinking, "Man. Today, in less than three hours we were able to share a message of the restored gospel with a Jehova's Witness, a Catholic, and and Atheist. And to me, it really has all of the answers to all of their questions." There really is nothing better than sharing the good news of the gospel with all the world!

The other day, we finished a lesson a little late. We had to run to get to the apartment on time. We were literally in a full sprint when this random guy passed us and says all casually, "Hermanas. I invite you to a party." We've been laughing about it all week!
Hermana Gonzales and Hermana Christensen moved out, now we live alone. 
Exchanges with Hermana Reynolds and Hermana Mendoza. 

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